The ultimate sandwich customization experience built to satisfy your cravings.


Concept, site map, and wireframes for the site.  Also worked with the dev team on the CMS design.   


Sep 2013 - Feb 2014


Bringing the fun from food customization into Lenny's digital presence. 

Lenny’s has been serving sandwiches in New York City since 1989. Lenny’s wanted to refresh their digital presence and tell a better story of the ultimate NYC sandwich.

The build your own food trend has become a major force in recent years. But in fact, Lenny’s has been doing so for many years. From bread, topping, meat, cheese — at Lenny’s not only can you pick from hundreds of sandwich options, you can also customize your own. Having so many options gives Lenny’s an advantage in the sandwich business. We wanted to create an effortless system with a more modern design to provide an engaging experience for Lenny's customers.


The old site

We observed customers that go to Lenny's and distinguished two very distinct types of Lenny's customers:

Busy New Yorkers at work — they are on their lunch break, looking for something delicious in the middle of the day.  They only have so much time and are constantly on the go.  That brief time in the shop might be the only break in the day and the only time they get total satisfaction.

Those at play — From families to retirees to tourists to friends catching up, Lenny’s is the destination for people to share stories, experiences and, well, sandwiches.  It’s a treat for all senses, that they choose because they know it’s going to be great and satisfy everyone’s cravings.


Building an appetizing story. 

Lenny’s is the ultimate sandwich, born and raised in New York City. After talking to Lenny's and hearing their history, we knew we want the site to tell a story — from leveraging a heritage to highlighting an ingredient to corporate responsibility — we wanted each part of the site to show Lenny's attributes that make New York City great: tradition, color, quality, and a down to earth, unexpectedly friendly attitude.  

We looked at the old Lenny's site. It was very web 1.0 — there were a lot of links scattered on each page without clear navigations. We did a site audit and reorganized the content to make the site to much clearer. We worked with Lenny's to come up with new experiences to help users learn more about Lenny’s. 

We came up with a "Featured Sandwiches" page to showcase the signature, classic Lenny's sandwiches. It showcases a different sandwich each day. On each sandwich tile, it tells a story about the sandwich with ingredients, nutrition facts, and a clear CTA to order right away. To educate customers on the food they are eating, we created "Nutrition Number Cruncher" — a page that's dedicated to shows customers the nutrition values of their sandwich or salad. 

We brainstormed on ideas to make the home page more welcoming and to help users find the food items just for them. We came up wit the Crave Quiz — a series of multiple-choice, personality based questions for users to interact with. We have questions ranging from user's schedule to mood to intensity of their craving. Based on user's answer, it will give a variety of food items to choose from. As users hover over any food item, they see the ingredients and with a clear CTA to the online ordering system.  


Another big aspect of a food site is showing users where to order their food. We created a customized, branded Lenny's map that showcases all their locations and their delivery zone. As a customer picks a location, he or she will see the delivery area highlighted on the map.

We designed a fun timeline to tell the story of Lenny's. It shows Lenny's major milestones along with articles and news about Lenny's. 

Setting up the CMS

After the wireframing phase for the site was at a good spot, I started working on the UX for Lenny's CMS. We built it so Lenny's can easily update their content as the business grows.



Who doesn't like to see mouthwatering food photos? We worked with Lenny's and photographed all their food items and ingredients on their menu. Using large, beautiful imageries really helped bringing the site to life. 

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Olivier Peyre, Creative Director 
Camille Imbert, Associate Creative Director 
Jeffrey Rodriguez, Visual Design & Illustration
Kasper Ljungström Skov, Visual Design